Introduction to Internet Marketing

In the past, the concept of internet marketing was different. It was thought to be a process through which money can be made while sitting at home in front of your laptop. Today, Internet marketing is about making your website more visible on the Internet. This topic is worthy of discussion and through in-depth introduction to internet marketing, we can learn its importance, the advantages and the methods.

Firstly, why is the process so vital? To be true it is because there are millions of sites on the web which are dealing with products and services. In reality you cannot refrain from the fact that while you might be thinking that your site is having the best design and offers, there is another company which thinks the same. Assume that you are company X which is dealing with garments. Another company Y being your competitor will watch your steps and follow.

The question is that how will you attract visitors to your site and refrain them from visiting the competitor’s site. The answer lies with internet marketing. Under it, individuals can use one or the other method of promotion. It is to be noted that there are millions of activities performed in it and there are certain classifications to it as well.

Types of online marketing:

There are three types of online marketing

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Web marketing

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is nothing too complex. Since email today has become one of the best ways to communicate with a group, it is called as the direct marketing which delivers a commercial message to certain people with the help of an e-mail. Thus, it involves the use of email for sending advertisements, requesting business or for brand awareness.

What is Social Media marketing?

Social media is nowadays the best way to get connected with your friends as well as family. When marketing is done through it then the reference is to the procedure of getting traffic or attention with the help of social media sites.

What is web marketing?

In general terms, it is the marketing done on the Internet and works to attract customers to a marketer’s website. It involves all the elements of traditional marketing like product, price, packaging, promotion and place but through technology.

Benefits of Internet Marketing:

Being a business minded person, you will never think of spending a penny without a reason. Internet marketing too has many benefits associated with them, for you to take a decision. Some of them are:

  • It targets the right audience and when an individual searches for a keyword on a search engine, it assures you that your site gets ranked highest in the results.
  • It helps you track your campaigns. This means that you can actually have an idea of the working of this method. To be true, this is much better than the offline promotions where till the results are not derived, confusions remain.
  • It has a global reach. You being a German brand will be able to sell your products to a person in United States of America. That’s how global you can get.
  • It is a lesser costly procedure of promotion and is being loved by people all across the globe.

Thus, through this introduction to Internet marketing you have an idea of marketing through the web and you can always resort to this way when the budget is low and the competition is tough.