5 Recommended Ways to Collect Leads

Emails have been around for a long time and they are still very relevant. Email marketing is still powerful and consistently delivers high conversion rates; ignore it at your own peril. Companies across the globe have realized high returns in their investments through email marketing and are always asking customers for their email details.

The size of the business doesn’t matter; having an email marketing list and effectively using the same has proved useful for years because it brings in higher click-through traffic, improved sales, and better brand visibility and direct engagements with the customers. When it comes to ROI, emails are better than other alternatives such as social media.

It doesn’t take long to realize significant change with email marketing. It misleading to assume that email is dead. In this regard, you can get the best with a bigger and well organized email list; here is how to go around this effectively.

  1. Design a Landing Page and Include a Sign Up Sheet

Start generating hype about your website or product launch by designing a simple landing page. Appeal to customers by asking them to share their emails so that they are informed about the big launch. We currently have simplified solutions online such as LeadPages that help you create your landing page in minutes; you will be collecting emails as soon as it goes live.

One very crucial consideration you have to bear in mind while designing your landing page is the loading speed-it has to be fast! You risk losing crucial leads if the page is slow to load. Tools such as LeadPages will help you speed up the page plus other tips on the best ways to maintain high degree of uptime.

  1. Organize and Host Webinars

Webinars are increasingly becoming popular for obvious reasons; they are convenient because you don’t have to compromise the comfort of your home for a conference facility. It is also cheaper because you don’t spend money on flights and hotel. After hosting your webinar, post the video on the site so that those that missed it can view it at a time of their choice. A webinar is an effective strategy for content generation and whenever people sign up for it, they share their email addresses. You stand a high chance of collecting thousands of emails with just one webinar.

  1. Offer Superior Quality Content

Categorize your content so that those interested in more content have to sign up for it with their emails. You have to illicit desire for premium content. This is a highly recommended email acquisition and content marketing strategy that will definitely work for you. Content upgrading can grab readers’ attention and they sure will share their information freely.

  1. Offer Incentives Via Emails

Multibillion companies such as Google have offered incentives to their customers. For example, during the first release of Google Plus, they invited a handful of early adopters, who were then asked to invite their friends for a trial. Through emails, many invites were set out, creating an influential force that led to the colorful G+ official launch.

  1. Write and Publish an eBook

One of the best ways to share content online is through eBooks. It also presents you as an authority in your field and a huge boost to your marketing campaign. Publish an eBook, and offer it for free during signup and watch as your email marketing efforts soar. It is important that you ensure that your eBook is properly written; quality comes first, email list should be secondary here.


It is very important to build an email list because it will result in higher conversions. You should start collecting emails and reap the benefits as soon as you have a sizeable list.