SVG Galaxy – 800 whiteboard SVG items -REVIEW

Today I’ve got my hands on a pack of whiteboard graphics, and the name tells everything, this is huge…

Well, it’s not the whole galaxy, but the package contains almost everything you’ll need for your videos.

It comes with over 800 whiteboard SVG items created from 400 unique & stunning artworks.

There are full colored, shadow-styled and outlined SVGs.

In short, SVG Galaxy package contains 15 modules of whiteboard SVG images that are ready to be used to create stunning videos. From businessman, casual man, weight loss story to scenes, educations, health, foods…


If you’re creating videos for your businesses, SVG Galaxy is a must-have in your video asset collection.

I really love the style of these artworks but the best part is that, although SVG Galaxy is created to work best with whiteboard video software like Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Videoscribe and TTS Sketch Maker, they also created a high-res PNG version of all SVGs so that you can use them with Powerpoint, Keynote, After Effect or any video and graphic processor. Flexibility is the one of its key features.

Cool enough? There’s even more.

SVG Galaxy is not designed only for video but for any project that needs cartoon graphics.

You can use it to create:

– Business presentation,

– Web banners

– Product covers

– Printable objects like t-shirt and brochures.

And the developers right included with the package allow you use it for UNLIMITED your and

your clients’ projects.

Here are some cool features

> Perfection

SVG Galaxy SVGs animates perfectly in all whiteboard video software. It’s the most important thing for whiteboard SVGs. No matter how beautiful an image is, it is useless if it can’t animate like human-draw. Let’s see and compare:








> Beauty

All the characters, scenes and objects were drawn in a beautiful consistent style.

> Flexibility

They can be used for:

– Video creation and video marketing

– Sales page and landing page design

– Presentations

– Infographics

– Banners, covers & web image design

– Printable objects



I believe you’re going to love it, as I did 🙂

Click here to get SVG Galaxy