How To Build Better Emails With Email Tools

We all know that personalization in Email is the key to consistently converting fledgling visitors into lifetime customers.

So then, why is it that autoresponders make it so difficult to personalize Email?

When it comes to creating a personalized and enticing email for my customers, it requires A TON of work that usually wastes my time….this is why I need something that is a Done-for-you solution to my Email Marketing Needs, not something that wastes my time .

So, while searching for an all in one solution, I came across something truly special.
It’s called Email Tools and what this tool could do was absolutely incredible.
This is a cloud based software that gives you 4 emails tools in 1 that you can use in your emails.

These tools include:

Email Timer:
This allows you to create a range of different countdown timers within your emails.
You can create scarcity and increase conversions as people watch the timer count down to a discount expiring, coupon expiring or webinar event beginning.
You can even create Evergreen Countdown timers within the software.

Email Video:
This allows you to create custom video ‘gifs’ that play right inside of your emails.
These can show a preview of a video that someone can watch once they’ve clicked on your email…
…or you could show a play bar and a quick advertisement for what people will see when they click through from your email.
These video gifs have been seen to dramatically increase clickthrough rates.

Email Image:
The third tool you have available to use is the ‘Custom Image Creator’ this allows you to create custom images that can include your recipients name inside of the image.
You could for example say “Welcome FIRST NAME” and the software will replace “FIRST NAME” with the persons actual name.

Email Survey:
This allows you to create 3 types of surveys that people can fill out within your email.
Once they’ve filled out the survey and depending on the outcome the user will be redirected to the URL of your choice.

These surveys are easy to create and could be:
– Multi-Choice
– Yes or No
– Rating (Out of 5)

All of these tools are really easy to generate through the software.

They include multiple templates and a really easy to use interface.
Once you’ve finished using one of the tools all you need to do is save and then add the tool into your email using the embed code or image URL.

The software also includes reporting and statistics.
You can easily see how engaged your audience is and what kinds of tools work the best.

Email Tools is really THAT SIMPLE! – Check the demo here
So if you’re tired of producing boring emails and are looking for a simple and effective solution, then look no further.

With Email Tools at your disposal, you’ll be cranking out exciting and high converting emails in just a snap of your fingers.
Click here to grab your copy of Email Tools today.
You won’t be disappointed.