My Favorite 5 Free Tools for Marketers

I LOVE tools! Using the right tools for your digital marketing can mean less wasted time and better results…and many of the best tools are low cost or even free.

Following are my favorite 5 free tools for Marketers that every small business should have in their tool box.

Would love to hear your favorite tools at the end of the post!

#1: Smartmockups

Smartmockups is a new online tool for all designers, marketers, and developers out there.
It’s really useful when you need to present your design to a client or just showcase your work in a portfolio. All mockups are ready for both your personal and commercial projects.

Scroll through the different options they have for their mockups. Then upload the image you want to work with. You may download the final mockup in small, medium, large, or original sizes.

All of the images on Smartmockups are royalty-free for use in personal and commercial projects. Bloggers and marketers can use Smartmockups to make their work look more professional.

Yes, it’s that simple! Enjoy the power of product mockups without opening Photoshop.



If you need a way to compress large image files for your website without reducing the visual quality of the image, check out Drop your graphics into the header of this website and it will radically shrink the size of the images.

Go to, and you can drop in up to 20 JPEG or PNG images for processing at one time. You can save up to 60% to 70% of the file size when I use this tool to compress images.

TinyPNG shrinks your image files without reducing the quality.
Use it to reduce the size of very large images that are optimized for Facebook Open Graph or Pinterest and you’ll speed up the load time of your site for mobile devices.

It even works for transparent PNG files. is free, but if you like it, they sell a WordPress plugin that will automatically process image files on your website when you upload them to the media library.

#3: Unsplash

Unsplash is a website where you can get free high-resolution photos to use in your social media marketing, blog posts, and social posts. All of the images are licensed under creative commons and there’s a very large selection.

Unsplash adds 10 new high-resolution photos to their collection every 10 days and each one is categorized and organized by collection. Collections include Food (also known as All You Can Eat), Work, Summer, Creatures, Adventure, and more.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoors image or office picture, Unsplash will have it, and all of the images are beautiful.

You can submit your own photos, too!

#4: Music for Makers

Podcasters, content creators and video creators are always looking for really cool background music that’s royalty- and commercial-free to use. Music for Makers is a new resource. After you subscribe with your email address, they send you a free song once a week.

It’s original music that’s copyright- and royalty-free, so you can use it in personal and commercial projects.

Music ranges from electronic to atmospheric. Plus there are different lengths of songs; for example, if a song is too long, there’s a shorter version available.

They have pro features, too. You get 50+ songs for just under $9 per month or an annual fee of $100.

#5: MotionMail

Have you ever noticed countdown timer in the promotional emails you occasionally receive? Ever wanted to use one yourself?

Then you should try MotionMail.
It’s a great way to give a sense of urgency to messages about a sale or promotion that ends on a certain day.

Here’s how it works: You choose from a number of different looks for your countdown timer, put in the date and time of expiration, and a graphic is auto-generated for you. Simply paste the embed code into your email, and you’ll have an animated image showing the countdown.

MotionMail ranges from free for 20,000 email opens a month, $10 per month for 100,000 email opens, $60 per month for 700,000 email opens, to $200 per month for 2.8 million email opens.