Cover Action Pro 3.0 Review

Today I’m doing a review of a new set of product-shot templates named Cover Action Pro 3.0 .

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So what exactly is Cover Action Pro 3.0 ?

Cover Action Pro 3.0 is a Photoshop actions set that allows you to create high – definition product shots for the products and services you sell online.

This has been used (Cover Action Pro, or CAP, was one of the first Action packs available for Photoshop back in 2008) for thousands of product launches and book promotions — going on for nearly a decade. It’s the “go-to” tool and must-have for any online product or book promotion.

It creates covers for almost any products in seconds, with over 500 photoshop effects to choose from.

You will always have the right cover for virtually any project at your fingertips.

Pricing starts $ 197 (one-time fee) and includes 500 different Photoshop actions.

Below you can see a demo of Cover Action Pro 3.0:

What are the great features of Cover Action Pro 3.0?

• It’s simple to use and saves you a lot of time!
• Make beautiful product shots
• No skills required!
• Over 500+ mockups and templates
• Hardcover Books • Paperback Books
• 3-Ring Binders • Spiral Binders
• Comb Bound Books
• iPhones
• Laptop Computers
• iMacs & Displays
• iPads & Tablets
• Media Players
• DVD Cases
• Quick Start Guides
• Boxsets
• Landscape Books
• Software Boxes
• Suitcase Boxes
• Workbooks
• Screenshot Panels
• Multi-book Stacks
• All customizable!
• Pre-made book designs included
• High-resolution graphics that look amazing everywhere!

Here you can  Free Download the CoverActionPro 3.0 Starter Kit – this include 5 mockups out of the 500 (that are included with the full version)

Since there are a lot of great features, there is also something that I don’t like – and this is the price, and it would be great if there was some options for small packages. If  I am not a designer then maybe I don’t need the whole package.

How you can earn money with this package:

You can make money using Cover Action Pro by starting with a gig on fiverr.

If you search on fiverr for “3D Book” , “product mock up” or ‘book mock up” you will be surprised how asked this service is….and the best part is that this package include many designs that are not advertised on fiverr .

My review as a graphic designer:

CoverActionPro 3.0 is a powerful graphics tool that will make your books and product stand out — an easy way to boost your sales this year. CoverActionPro takes out ALL the guesswork when creating great looking marketing graphics for your books and products, it’s no wonder it’s been around for over a decade — because it works.

Cover Action Pro 3.0 Review — Conclusion

With Cover Action Pro 3.0 you will never have to worry about hiring a designer to make product graphics that get attention and look amazing, and you’ll be done with those other, slow clunky cover apps for good.

There’s really nothing else like Cover Action Pro 3.0 and this new version is in a class of it’s own.

All the training that Mark has put together will get you up and running making beautiful graphics in just minutes.

So if you are looking to take your book or products to the next level and grow your business then these templates are a MUST have. This will completely change the way you present your products online.

This is honestly something you can not miss, rarely do I see a product like this with such incredible power come out.

Click Here To Check The Sale Page and All Details