Script Engage 2.0 Review

Today I’m doing a review of a new all-in-one software that allows you to create any high-converting sales copy in a matter of minutes named Script Engage 2.0

What exactly is Script Engage 2.0?

It’s a new software that let you create high converting wide range of various fully written done for your scripts that you can use in range of marketing situation such as sales pages, opt-in pages, videos, emails and more!

Running an online business means at some point you inevitably have to produce sales copy.

This could be for emails, sales pages, sales video and just your Facebook ads.

Having a good product in ANY business is just not enough. You need to have the correct marketing in place to SELL that product.
The software use an algorithm generation engine that takes into account of your audience and produce customized copy for your sales page, VSL, emails and also video scripts.

All the scripts that generated by the software are copies that written by professional marketer so the generated scripts you are getting from the software are qualified copies that will convert for your marketing campaign.

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How the software work?

STEP 1 – Once logged in to the cloud-based software, you’ll see a friendly dashboard with all the tools you need.

Video guides walk you thru the process of creating your copy, from start to finish.

STEP 2 – Starting a new project is as easy as filling out an avatar – think of this as a project profile. Answer the series of strategically placed questions.

Each is designed to best position your product and send the perfect message to prospects. You’ll only need do this ONCE per project. All answers can be saved so you can use the SAME profile to create unlimited types of marketing material.

5 pre-filled profiles are included for you to use or customize, so you can get started FAST.

STEP 3 – Pick the type of sales copy or marketing material you want to have generated.

Step 4 – Choose your niche. Unlike many competitors, Script Engage will create top converting copy for your specific market and goals.

Step 5 – Once you select your perfect niche the software will generate your customized script based on the profile you created on step 1.

Pricing starts $17 for monthly, $27 yearly or $37 lifetime.

First OTO: This is a club you can join where you will receive new scripts every month, it cost $27 a month or $67 for lifetime.

Second OTO: This is a copywriting masterclass where you will learn how to show your customers how they can use Script Engage and their new and improved knowledge of CopyWriting to sell sales copy to clients for fee of $1000 over. This OTO is selling for $197.

Third OTO: This is an upgrade that gives you the ability to export any of the scripts into PowerPoint


I think Script Engage 2.0 is a time saver in script writing, you can use it to write various types of marketing copy from sales page, email, telemarketing and even video scripts. You can also be a little creative and create copy for your customers and charge them extra for it!

The software doesn’t have the mind of a human copy writer who can write almost unlimited niches of scripts but to hire one qualified copywriter to work for you can be prohibitively expensive. So for one very affordable price you get software that can generate wide range of copies for you at any time is a definitely a good deal.

Click Here To Check The Sale Page And a Full Demo