Graphics Magic Box V3 – Review

Today, I’m bringing you a review of Graphics Magic Box V3…I received a review copy of Graphics Magic Box V3, and all I can say is WOW! What a beautiful bundle of “done-for-you” graphics. This is the sequel to the Graphics Magic Box V1 and V2 that was launched earlier this year. Created once again by author Lucas Adamski who … Read More

SVG Galaxy – 800 whiteboard SVG items -REVIEW

Today I’ve got my hands on a pack of whiteboard graphics, and the name tells everything, this is huge… Well, it’s not the whole galaxy, but the package contains almost everything you’ll need for your videos. It comes with over 800 whiteboard SVG items created from 400 unique & stunning artworks. There are full colored, shadow-styled and outlined SVGs. In short, … Read More

Video Zoo – Video Marketing Assets Bundle REVIEW

We all know that video marketing is the best tool to increase conversion and sales. In fact, 92% of the top selling products on Clickbank (the largest digital marketplace online), are using Videos … And, almost every single one of them is using a professional spokesperson presenting it … Regardless of the niche, or regardless of the product. Bottom line … Read More

Whiteboard Video Packs 2.0 – Review

Very often people don’t act in their own best interest. For example, we purchase the thing we “want”, like a new iPhone, and put off things we “need”, like a visit to the dentist. The point is, we are ruled by emotions and we all buy emotionally! Therefore, we need to focus our marketing efforts on our prospects emotions in order to achieve … Read More