Video Zoo – Video Marketing Assets Bundle REVIEW

We all know that video marketing is the best tool to increase conversion and sales. In fact, 92% of the top selling products on Clickbank (the largest digital marketplace online), are using Videos … And, almost every single one of them is using a professional spokesperson presenting it … Regardless of the niche, or regardless of the product. Bottom line … Read More

How to get a better CTR from FB

So, if you’re using Facebook to try and drive traffic to your website you might have heard of the term CTR before. CTR or Click Through Rate, refers to what percentage of those that see your link actually click through and go to your website. I’m sure you can see why you’d want to increase your CTR, it will make … Read More


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How to get more likes on your posts

For starters, why is it important that you get more likes on your posts? Well, when someone likes a post on Facebook that post is then shared into their friends newsfeeds. This basically means that your posts will be able to reach people who aren’t currently fans of your page or brand. So, how can we get more likes on … Read More

Proven Pricing Strategies

How do you select the price at which you’re going to sell your products? By looking at the competition most people would reply. There are however several more factors that I’ll discuss with you that can allow you to charge five times what your competition is charging and still outsell them by an incredible amount. (It’s tips like these that … Read More